Artistic expression has no boundaries.

Below you will find an assortment of galleries containing my photographs, as well as my mother (Ella Ward’s) oil paintings.

Imaginative design, an eye for nature’s beauty and a flair for originality characterize my emotional imagery. I consider myself a purist, “What you see in my images is exactly the way I compose the scene, nothing is added, nor removed from the scene”. My photographic artwork has received local, provincial and national recognition and professional acclamation of excellence.
Through my evolution as a photographic artist, passion for the wonder and beauty of natural things, fascination for impressionistic paintings and musical composition and experimentation with the creative process, I have discovered and developed my own way of seeing. The result is color impressionism. My photography is a transformation and expresses a visual kind of music.
My visual signature has been greatly influenced by my mentor at Focal Point, Ian McGuffie and a diverse variety of composers i.e. Debussy, Scriabin (synesthesia), Rachmaninoff, Schumann (also writer), painters i.e. Klimt, Van Gogh, Canadian Group of Seven, musicians i.e. Rostropovitch, Lang Lang and photographers i.e. Freeman Patterson, Ernst Haas.

Ella’s Oil Paintings