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AD LIB Gallery & Children’s Piano-Arts Corner Studio

Claudia Kargl
3063 Bridlehill Drive,
Westbank, B.C.
V4T 2W1 Canada
PHONE: 250-718-9875 or 250-768-1404

Artist Statement:


To communicate a message that can move the viewer through feeling, emotion and personal experience.

The power of creative visualization and the audio – visual double effect:
Creative visualization is a new way of thinking and applying creative energy and imagination to the music making process. Mental imagery through knowledge, experience and invention of ideas attaches meaning to music.

Ad Lib” – to any extent, without restriction, no barriers , go at the liberty of the performer/photographer.

“Ad Lib” Photographer is my trademark for artistic expression.
Founder, Creative Designer of “Imagery In Music” and Co-Producer along with Jim Gray as huband-wife team of audio visual production.