Meet Claudia and Ella

The mother/daughter artist duo!

Claudia Kargl

My appreciation and fascination for the arts goes back to my childhood.

Born in Montreal of Austrian parents, I was surrounded by a world of music, painting, creative design and photography. As a child, I had the fortune of growing up near a mountain wildlife sanctuary, and experiencing nature, its ever-changing moods and vibrant colours of the four seasons. This strong admiration for nature compels me to photograph dynamic panoramic landscapes.

As a graduate of the certificate photography program from both the Vancouver School Board for Continuing & International Education and Focal Point, an internationally acclaimed visual arts institution in Vancouver, I have developed my photographic talent and defined my unique style. Photography has become a passion in my life. It is an extension of “who I am”.

Through my extensive university studies in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe, I am blending music and language arts with visual arts in my “Children’s Piano-Arts Corner” studio. This unique combination provides for an enriching all-rounded curriculum. My multi-faceted skills and experience as a published author, artistic performer and educator enable me to express “Imagery In Music” and create dynamic audio-visual presentations.

Imaginative design, an eye for nature’s beauty and a flair for originality characterize my emotional imagery. My Tofino & Okanagan vistas, “Scenes from the Enchanted Forest” including nature’s circle of life and “Reflections In Glass” depicting the magic of architecture have received professional recognition and acclamation of excellence.

Ella Ward (Kargl)

Born in Vienna, Austria, I showed as a young child a great interest for art. In 1975-1980, I pursued my passion for nature in taking special oil painting and drawing courses at McGill University and Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. I attended several master classes with world known artist Armand Tatossian. He, along with Van Gogh and the Canadian “Group of Seven” greatly influenced my style of work.

In 1980, I received international recognition at an exclusive art exhibition in Salzburg, Austria. My work can be found in Germany, Austria and the U.S.A., as well as in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver.

Bold, creative impressions and brilliant colours are my trademark. My work includes still life, mountains, landscapes and flowers. The medium is almost exclusively oil paints, although water colours and pastels have been used. Each painting is an original.

My paintings are signed E. Wald for Ella Wald (Kargl). A variety of paintings can be seen in the AD LIB private gallery of my daughter Claudia Kargl in Westbank, B.C.

Emotional Imagery

The Audio Visual Experience – Creative Storytelling

The blending of two magical languages together, MUSIC & PHOTOGRAPHY, has a double expressive power to communicate meaning beyond words. This creative connection appeals to the senses, stimulates feelings, emotions and reaction in an audience. I enjoy conveying strong messages through “listening pictures” to reflect the mood of the music and create a special effect or an impression. A flair for originality, creative design and bold artistic expression define my storytelling on a diverse variety of subject matter. I combine my photographic artwork and my live studio piano performances to express creative visualization that applies creative energy and imagination to the music making process. Photography has enabled me to see and feel music in an empowering, deeper and richer way. See what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel.